Soho Blitz Kids – Clubbing in the 1980s

Soho Blitz Kids
Photo: Derek Ridgers, originally published on the Guardian

‘There was a guy named Trojan on the door, and he used to have a hand mirror and would point it at the person waiting outside and say, “Would you let you in?” Inside, everybody looked gorgeous and slightly terrifying. All the straight boys wore makeup, like blue lipstick and eyeliner. I skewed toward things that were sort of Fellini, Casanova, Rococo.

‘It wasn’t just fashion—you really believed it.’ – Stephen Jones.

The people: Steve Strange. Princess Julia. Boy George. Martin Kemp. Martin Degville. Rusty Egan. Marilyn.

The places: Hell. Blitz. Billy’s. Le Kilt. Taboo.

The photos:

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